Angie Benavent

Angie Benavent, daughter of the internationally acclaimed bass player Carles Benavent, was born in Barcelona (Spain) in 1983. She presents her debut record “El tiempo”, with all original compositions and lyrics, with a characteristic Mediterranean flavor, pop rhythms and world music and flamenco inspirations.

She began her music career as a singer and songwriter with the band Aston, before forming her own project in 2009. With this band, Angie Benavent has released “El Tiempo” (Bebyne) and tours live in concert. For the recording sessions, Angie had deluxe guest artists as Jorge Pardo, Roger Blàvia and Carles Benavent. The songs tell her own real life experiences what makes the whole album very intimate and personal.

Angie’s sweet voice, along with her originality and freshness, makes her debut album a real delicatessen!

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