The Swedish Modern Jazz Group · Feat. Lars Gulling + Bonus Tracks
  • Barben BLP-1004
    Barben BLP-1004
  • Columbia SEGS 74
    Columbia SEGS 74
  • Ake Persson
    Ake Persson
  • Maffy Falay
    Maffy Falay
  • Rolf Billberg
    Rolf Billberg
  • Allan Lundström
    Allan Lundström
  • Lars Gullin
    Lars Gullin
  • Nils Lindberg
    Nils Lindberg

Nils Lindberg

The Swedish Modern Jazz Group · Feat. Lars Gulling + Bonus Tracks

Fresh Sound Records

Nils Lindberg (p, arr), Maffy Falay (tp), Ake Persson (tb), Rolf Billberg (as), Harry Bäcklund, Allan Lundström (ts), Lars Gullin, Tosten Wennberg (bs), Sture Nordin (b), Conny Svensson (d)

Reference: FSRCD1148

Bar code: 8427328611480

Nils Lindberg (1933-2022), a pioneering Swedish jazz composer and pianist, left an enduring mark on various musical genres. In 1960, he recorded the present album consisting of seven tracks, four of which stand as a testament to his unique fusion of jazz, Swedish folk music, and classical influences.

Crucial to the project's success were the first-rate musicians Lindberg enlisted: Rolf Billberg (alto sax), Harry Bäcklund (tenor sax), Allan Lundström (tenor sax), Lars Gullin (baritone sax), Sture Nordin (bass), and Conny Svensson (drums). Collectively recognized as The Swedish Modern Jazz Group, they were expertly arranged and conducted by Lindberg, contributing to the overall excellence of the album.

Lindberg drew inspiration from Swedish folklore in compositions such as 'Curbits,' 'Play for Love,' and 'Zodiac.' Particularly noteworthy, 'Brand New' stood out for its exclusively Swedish style and original construction, presented as a suite with interconnected parts.

The remaining tunes, 'Blues for Bill' and 'Birdland,' brought additional jazz diversity to the album. 'Just a Take,' featuring improvisation by Lars Gullin and Rolf Billberg, emerged as a standout and it turned out to be one of the highlights of this album.

Titled 'Sax Appeal,' the album, originally released on the Swedish Barben Records label, not only captured Lindberg's innovative approach but also showcased the exceptional musicality of all the musicians involved in this project.

—Jordi Pujol



Album details

01. Curbits (Nils Lindberg) 5:07
02. Blues For Bill (Nils Lindberg) 4:34
03. Brand New (Nils Lindberg) 5:31
04. Birdland (Roland-Ventura) 5:36
05. Just a Take (Gullin-Billberg) 5:27
06. Play For Love (Nils Lindberg) 4:23
07. Zodiac (Nils Lindberg) 3:14
08. Cotton Tail (Duke Ellington) 2:42
09. Taboo (Ernesto Lecuona) 3:39
10. Blues For Bill (Nils Lindberg) 3:13
11. Moonlight in Vermont (Suessdorf-Blackburn) 3:08

Total time: 46:33 min.

Tracks #1-7, from 12-inch LP as “Sax Appeal” by The Swedish Modern Jazz Group (Barben SBLP-1004 Stereo)
Tracks #8-11, from the EP “Jazz in TV Time” by Nils Lindberg TV-Orchestra
(Columbia SEGS 74)

Rolf Billberg, alto sax; Harry Bäcklund, tenor sax; Allan Lundström, tenor sax; Lars Gullin, baritone sax; Nils Lindberg, piano & arranger; Sture Nordin, bass; Conny Svensson, drums.
Recorded at Europa Film, Stockholm, February 9 and 10, 1960

Soloists order
#1: Gullin – Lindberg – Lundström – Billberg
#2: Lundström – Lindberg – Bäcklund – Nordin – Svensson
[Bäcklund and Lundström share 24 bars taking 4 bars each, starting with Bäcklund]
#3: Gullin – Billberg – Lindberg – Lundström (16 bars)
Bäcklund (16 bars) – Lundström (8 bars) – Bäcklund (6 bars)
#4: Billberg – Gullin – Lundström – Lindberg – Bäcklund
#5: Gullin – Lindberg – Billberg
#6: Gullin – Bäcklund – Lindberg – Billberg
#7: Bäcklund – Lindberg – Billberg – Gullin

Maffy Falay, trumpet; Ake Peerson, trombone; Allan Lundström, tenor sax; Tosten Wennberg, baritone sax; Nils Lindberg, piano; Sture Nordin, bass; Conny Svensson, drums.
Recorded in Stockholm, October 31, 1960

Liner notes: Emil Bourin (Barben)
New liner notes: Jordi Pujol
Original recordings produced by Nils Lindberg and Emil Bourin for Barben Records (#1-7); and by Norwegian Columbia Records (#8-11)
This compilation produced for CD reissue by Jordi Pujol
© 2024 by Fresh Sound Records

Stereo / Mono · 24-Bit Digitally Remastered
Blue Moon Producciones Discograficas, S.L.

10,95 €  (tax incl.)

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The Swedish Modern Jazz Group · Feat. Lars Gulling + Bonus Tracks
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