Pat Britt

Patt Britt was born January 18, 1940, in Pittsburgh, Pa., and was raised in San Mateo, started late for a musician. Due to the limited scope of AM radio in this country, his early exposure to music was centered in the R&B idiom. Pat was totally absorbed by the Soul scene until, at age 16.

"I was 17 when I became entranced with music instead of baseball--I almost went with a St. Louis Cardinals farm team," Pat said. "My brother-in-law bought me a record by Bud Shank and Laurindo Almeida. I listened to it about 10 times and thought, 'Anything that sounds this good must be fun to do.' "

So, he went to a music shop to get a guitar, but ended up with an alto saxophone instead. In about two months, he taught himself to play reasonably well. When he joined the San Mateo College swing band, due to the collective's needs he had to switch to baritone sax.

In 1958, Britt found himself in trouble...

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