La Reina del Embrujo Gitano (2-CD + DVD Box Set)
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    Carmen Amaya

Carmen Amaya

La Reina del Embrujo Gitano (2-CD + DVD Box Set)

Alma Latina

Carmen Amaya, José Amaya, Paco Amaya, Leonor Amaya, Sabicas, Chato de Osuna, Juan Maya, Antonio Diaz, Domingo Alvarado

Reference: ALCD 805

Bar code: 427328308007

La más temperamental y trágica figura de la Historia del Flamenco

In Commemoration of the 40th Anniversary of Carmen Amaya's passing: The most temperamental and tragic figure in the history of flamenco dancing. With this unique CD Box Set ALMA LATINA is proud to present Carmen Amayas fiery and passionate dancing and also the emotional and powerful singing of her gypsy race.

Carmen Amaya was the undisputed queen of flamenco dancers. She was a legendary figure, unrepeatable and one of a kind. She was a self-taught artist and carried in all the movements of her prodigious, attractive choreography the fascinating and captivating charm of the gypsy race. If, as a bailaora (flamenco dancer) Carmen reached perfection and purity in her execution, we should not leave out our praise for her other, lesser-known skills of her inimitable art, such as her flamenco handclaps, the snapping of her fingers and the clicking of her castanets. Another facet of the temperamental art of Carmen Amaya was that of singer. Her startling voice, rich with purity and evocative colors, flowed with captivating emotion and boundless ease. Her recordings stand as testament to this. Without doubt, Carmen Amaya is one of the greatest figures of the art of flamenco.

The images on this DVD bring together, for the first time, the trajectory of the life and art of Carmen Amaya. Here we can appreciate all the things that made her become the queen of flamenco dancers: talent, strength, fury, temperament, art, charm and magic in the purest states. These images are taken from the two films Carmen made in Spain in the Thirties (Maria de la O and La hija de Juan Simón) and from two short films from the early Forties.


CD 1

01. Maria de La O 3:12
02. Fandangos 2:53
03. Mi mare La Tana 3:29
04. Vete con los tuyos 3:17
05. Fandangos 2:54
06. Adelfa 3:17
07. San Miguel de Los Reyes 2:51
08. Canasteros de Triana 3:04
09. Corazón de acero 2:50
10. Fiesta Jerezana 2:57
11. Tondero 2:35
12. A los pies del Gran Poder 2:46
13. Jaleo por Bulerías 2:23
14. Tu mal no tiene remedio 2:52

CD 2

01. Rumba Flamenca 3:09
02. Romera 4:28
03. Fandangos de Huelva 3:39
04. La Caña 5:47
05. Fandango de Albaicín 3:13
06. Ritmo Amaya 1:56
07. Siguiriya Gitana 7:37
08. Tiento Canastero 3:42
09. Rondeña 4:59
10. Alegrias 9:11
11. Soleares 5:18
12. Cuando pa' Chile me voy 3:38
13. Garrotín 5:17
14. Jaleo Canastero 3:31
15. Colombiana Flamenca 9:07

Album details

CD1: Recorded in New York, 1941
CD2: Recorded in New York, 1955-1956

DVD (Double Side: Pal / NTSC Systems)
- Carmen Amaya: Furia y temperamento
- María de la O (scenes)
- La hija de Juan Simón (scenes)
- Photo album

74-Page Biography book: El mar me enseñó a bailar...
Spanish / English / French translations
Includes lots of unpublished photographies and memorabilia by Jordi Pujol and Carlos García de Olalla Maristany.

24,95 €  (tax incl.)

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La Reina del Embrujo Gitano (2-CD + DVD Box Set)
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