Fernando Brox

Born in Malaga in 1988, he has a long career in the world of classical music before dedicating himself fully to jazz and modern music. He began his studies at the age of eight and graduated in 2010 from the Higher Conservatory of the same city.

Since then he has studied jazz and modern music in a self-taught way to collaborate shortly after with musicians such as Ernesto Aurignac (being part of his Orchestra and recording the album UNO), Enrique Oliver, Julián Sánchez, Juan Galiardo or Javier Galiana.

Fernando Brox has shared the stage with musicians such as Horacio Fumero, Perico Sambeat, Toni Belenguer, Dani Pérez, Jorge Rossy, Ramón Prats, Martin Leitón, José Carra and Arturo Serra. Since 2015 he moved to Barcelona, ​​where he collaborates with musicians such as Dimitri Skidanov, Jaume Llombart, Aldo Caviglia, Manel Fortiá, Roger Gutiérrez, Juan Pablo Bálcazar and Iván González,...

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