Bill Henderson

Bill Henderson (1926-2016) could sing with equal grace and conviction a tender ballad, a stomping blues, a semi R&B tune, a showtune, a novelty tune, or whatever he liked. At medium to up tempos, Henderson often injects humor into his laid back but spirited singing. But it’s in the ballads that Henderson shows his stature as an artist. His voice, normally hoarse, grows even darker and thicker, his vibrato more expressive as it becomes enveloped in feeling.

A native of Chicago, he had no church background but said. “My father liked to sing old songs.” Bill got his first show business experience there at the age of 4 when accordionist Phil Baker used him in a show, after auditioning various youngster swho could sing and dance. “My dressing room was a trunk,” Henderson said, “and I had two changes, both sailor suits.” And while still a toddler, he was appearing with Phil Baker in...

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