Jakob Dreyer

Jakob Dreyer was born and raised in Germany. While he started on the piano, at 14 he began playing the bass. “Musicians always needed someone to play a bass and there was a real need for it. I found it to be fun to play and grew to love it over time.” While he enjoyed listening to rock guitarists including Jimi Hendrix and blues artists, switching to bass resulted in him associating with jazz musicians. “I spent a lot of time with jazz players because they had much more knowledge about how to play their instruments. It was natural that I moved in that direction and the music gave me the freedom that I wanted.”

Dreyer started off playing at school concerts and in bands with other young musicians. He had a few opportunities to record with Europeans including with altoist Andreas Bohlen for a quartet album made in Switzerland in 2012 and two recordings with guitarist Sebastian Bohlen....

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