Adele Sauros

Adele Sauros (born 16 November 1990) is an active and versatile musician within the Finnish jazz scene. Since childhood Adele has been involved with music, combining her distinct abilities as both saxophonist and composer. Sauros' music captures her Nordic heritage and conveys this rich storytelling tradition with a musical voyage full of emotions. Adele frequently performs with the Adele Sauros Quartet, Katu Kaiku, JAF Trio and Superposition.

Sauros has performed throughout Europe in many renowned jazz festivals. Her recordings include: JAF Trio: JAF Trio (We Jazz Records 2020), Superposition: Superposition (We Jazz Records 2020), Katu Kaiku: Luna (Svart Records 2019), Adele Sauros: My Spontaneous Mind (2016), Katu Kaiku: Tokyo / Kuopio (2016) and Adele Sauros Quartet: It’s Who I Am (2014).

Recently she has also played on the following albums: Aurora Hentunen Quartet: Second Spring...

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