Lodi Carr

As a self-taught singer, Lodi Carr, also known as Ladybird, has an unusually poignant jazz flair that draws in the listener. It is enthralling and it makes her work a listening pleasure. She was born in Marquette, Michigan, on September 13, 1933, to a family of amateur singers. Being raised in Detroit since she was three, she joined her school’s glee clubs from the moment she could sing. As soon as she started high school, Lodi began supplementing her chorus practice with weekly jam sessions.

Detroit in the late 1940s was thriving with jazz musicians. “I had a charmed childhood in Detroit,” she said. “There was an innocence there because we were all so in love with music.” Her first nightclub appearance was at the Blue bird Inn with Roland Hanna on piano. “I played my first professional gig there when I was about 15 with Roland Hanna. I was changing keys, and Roland made it sound like...

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