Don Arnone

Don Arnone, received his first encouragement for a musical career from his father, who always loved the sound of the guitar. Don was born in 1920, being the oldest son of six children, it was he who was selected to play the instrument by Papa Arnone. Despite the parental urging and his own desire to master the frets, Don had just a few lessons to begin his study, then continued on his own to learn the fingering and plucking techniques as best he could. He was then but 13 years of age and, to the present day, the few private lessons constitute all of the formal guitar study which Don has received!

During his formative years, young Arnone played with local bands and small combos in and around his home town of Elizabeth, New Jersey. This served as a wonderful training ground and, upon graduation from high school, the young musician headed for Florida to work with some of the promising...

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