Johnny Glasel

Johnny Glasel (1930-2011) was a skilled trumpeter with a solid classical background. He was born in New York City, on June 11, 1930. He developed this classical training in his early years, when he obtained two degrees in music from Yale University. Practical experience, he got with the New Haven Symphony, the Radio City Music Hall Symphony, the Little Orchestra Society and the New York Brass Ensemble, all in addition to his many activities in the jazz field.

Starting in the mid-Forties he began playing in different jazz bands, mainly in company of his friend, clarinetist and tenor saxophonist Bob Wilber. In 1945 they found each other again in Bob Wilber's Wildcats, playing New Orleans standards with such enthusiasm that they eventually became popular in the New York scene. In 1947 they accompanied the legendary Sidney Bechet on a couple of Columbia 78rpm discs.

In 1954 Glasel became a...

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