Johnny Carisi

One of the most important movements in the late 40s and early 50s jazz, was the conscious effort of well-schooled, classically informed, creative jazz musicians to reflect not only their training but also a greater sense of structure and order in the jazz music they played and improvised on. It was a movement led by writers like Gil Evans, Gerry Mulligan, Ralph Burns, Tiny Kahn and Johnny Carisi, among others. Some, like Mulligan and Kahn, were also celebrated instrumentalists, but they all embraced both large and small group music. Trumpeter Johnny Carisi, whose name endures as a notable one in this ground-breaking general movement, worked originally for bands such as Ray McKinley’s and, more significantly, Claude Thornhill’s, in which he also played at a period when the band was famed for its contemporary, boppish book written by Mulligan, Evans and Carisi [...]

—Jordi Pujol (Taken...

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