André Persiany

Born André Paul Stephane Persiani, in Paris, France, on 19 November 1927. Persiany began playing piano as a child and by his early twenties was an accomplished leader of small groups playing swing style jazz. He worked with numerous touring American jazz artists including Bill Coleman, Buck Clayton and Lionel Hampton through the late 40s and early 50s.

A familiar fellow in and around the Paris swing scene from the years of the Second World War up through the mid-'80s. André Persiani is also frequently identified as André Persiany, the surname ending in "i" being the one given him at birth. His father wrote songs for musical theater during the '20s, the pianist offspring debuting professionally around the time American forces started marching through France, many of them hot for swing. The guys with carbines were not the only Americans arriving in France. Among the troops of arriving...

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