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Complete Master Takes 1954-1955

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Complete Master Takes 1954-1955

John Williams Trio

Featuring: John Williams (p), Billy Anthony or Chuck Andrus or Ernie Farrow (b), Frank Isola or Jack Edie (d)...

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These trio recordings, made in 1954 and 1955, are the only ones pianist John Williams made as a leader in his entire career. Influenced by Horace Silver, Bud Powell and Hank Jones, Williams is most remembered for his very fine recordings with the Stan Hetz Quintet. However, and despite his talent, today he remains a pianist relatively unknown for many people; but those who had the chance to have him as accompanist and all those who enjoyed his stabbing and leanly imaginative playing as a soloist, surely have not forgotten it.


1. I'll take the Lo Road (J.Williams) 3:08
2. Out of this world (Arlen-Mercer) 3:28
3. Railroad Jack (P.Sunkel) 2:57
4. For heaven's sake (Mayer-Bretton-Edwards) 3:07
5. Wiliams Tell (J.Williams) 3:10
6. Be careful, it's my heart (I.Berlin) 3:26
7. Blue Minor (J.Williams) 2:18
8. Somewhere in the night (Gordon-Myrow) 2:42
9. Baubles, Bangles and Beads (Forrest-Wright) 3:13
10. Good morning, heartache (I.Higginbotham) 3:40
11. Someday my Prine will come (CHurchill-Morey) 4:48
12. Manteca (Pozo-Gillespie) 3:40
13. How strange (Kahn-Stothart-Brent) 2:57
14. Flamingo (Grouya-Anderson) 3:42
15. A sleeping bee (Arlen-Capote) 3:11
16. The girl next door (Martin-Blane) 3:00
17. Shiloh (J.Williams) 3:02
18. Good morning blues (Basie-Durham-Rushing) 4:18
19. Okeefenokee holiday (J.Williams) 4:10
20. Like someone in love (Burke-Van Heusen) 3:02

Personnel and dates:

Tracks 1-8: John Williams (p), Billy Anthony (b), Frank Isola (d).
New York City, July & August, 1954

Tracks 9-12: John Williams (p), Billy Anthony (b), Jack Edie (d).
New York City, June 15, 1955

Tracks 13: John Williams (p), Chuck Andrus (b), Frank Isola (d).
New York City, June 24, 1955

Tracks 14-20: John Williams (p), Ernie Farrow (b), Frank Isola (d).
New York City, October 11, 1955

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