El Legendario Idolo del Pueblo Cubano: Grabaciones Completas 1953-1960  4 CD-Boxset - DeLuxe Series
  • 124 page booklet 124 page booklet
  • Volume 1: 1953-1954 Volume 1: 1953-1954
  • Volume 2: 1954-1956 Volume 2: 1954-1956
  • Volume 3: 1957 Volume 3: 1957
  • Volume 4: 1957-1960 Volume 4: 1957-1960
  • Box Set Cover Box Set Cover

Benny Moré y su Banda Gigante

El Legendario Idolo del Pueblo Cubano: Grabaciones Completas 1953-1960 4 CD-Boxset - DeLuxe Series

Tumbao Cuban Classics

Benny Moré (vcl), Chocolate Armenteros, Domingo Corbacho (tp), Virgilio Vixama, Santiago Peñalver (s), Generoso Jiménez (tb), Cabrerita, Rolando Columbié, Peruchín (p), Rolando Laserie, Oscar Valdés (d), Fernando Alvarez, Enrique Benitez, Rudy Calzado (ba

Reference: TCD309_4

For the first time on CD comes the most comprehensive and exciting collection of the music of Benny Moré, the legendary idol of the Cuban people.

This box set contains 4 CDs with the complete recordings made by Benny Moré with his Banda Gigante (19531960) in chronological order.
This collection also includes a fantastic 124-page book that traces the golden years of El bárbaro del Ritmo from 1953 until his tragic death in 1963. This book contains previously unpublished information about his life as well as an extraordinary collection of photos, many of them published for the first time.

This box set is a must not only for all Cuban music fans, but also for all those who enjoy good, authentic and original music.


Volume 1: 1953-1954
1. Manzanillo
2. Oye una canción para ti
3. Tú me sabes comprender
4. Devuélveme el coco
5. No quiero matarte
6. Con Silvana Mangano
7. Semilla de Marañón
8. Qué pena me da
9. Dulce desengaño
10. Tú verás Margot
11. Perdón
12. Obsesión
13. Tú me gustas
14. Guajiro de verdad
15. Hebra de plata
16. Santiago de Cuba
17. Qué te hace pensar
18. Baila mi son
19. Ahora soy tan feliz
20. En el tiempo de la colonia
21. La vida es un sueño
22. Solamente una vez

Volume 2: 1954-1956
1. Batanga No. 2
2. Me miras tiernamente
3. Buscando la melodía
4. Apúrate mi china
5. Mi saoco
6. Celosa
7. Busco tu olvido
8. Las mulatas del chachachá
9. Y hoy como ayer
10. Nena, me muero
11. ¡Oh, vida!
12. Ya llegó la hora
13. Alma libre
14. ¡Ay! Cómo me gusta
15. Será al volver
16. De la rumba al chachachá
17. Como arrullo de palma
18. Santa Isabel de las Lajas
19. Todo lo perdí
20. Cienfuegos
21. Mi corazón lloró
22. Compay José

Volume 3: 1957
1. Vano capricho
2. Manigua
3. El Conde negro
4. Por una madre
5. Soy del monte
6. Perdí la fe
7. Se te cayó el tabaco
8. Rezo en la noche
9. Caricias cubanas
10. Vagar entre sombras
11. Como está mi conuco
12. Mulata con cola
13. No te atrevas
14. Dolor y pena
15. Qué bueno baila usted
16. Dolor y perdón
17. Elige tú, que canto yo
18. Francisco Guayabal
19. Corazón rebelde
20. Cuando quieras volver
21. El agarrao
22. No puedo callar
23. No hay tierra como la mia
24. Trátame como soy

Volume 4: 1957-1960
1. Marianao
2. ¿Por qué pensar así?
3. Fiebre de ti
4. Pongan atención
5. Y te encontré
6. ¿Qué me hace daño?
7. Camarera del amor
8. Maracaibo Oriental
9. Preferí perderte
10. Sin una despedida
11. El santo de tía Juliana
12. A mi padre
13. Tumba tumbador
14. Como puedes pensar
15. Así es la humanidad
16. Mi amor fugaz
17. Soy campesino
18. No lo dejes para luego
19. Conocí la paz
20. Te quedarás
21. Me gusta más el son
22. El cañonero
23. Mi amor, mi fe, mi ilusión

Recorded in Havana, Cuba 1957-1960


"Just like the title says, this brick of a four CD box set, all 89 songs and 124 pages of it, completes the most achieved part of More's recording career, the part that changed the music of the world. And it does it in style. Starting in 1953, with More's first recordings in Cuba under his own name for RCA it goes through his last recordings for the same company a bit before his death of cirrhosis of the liver a decade later. And what a sound he produced during those seven years: a meeting of the big orchestra sound of American jazz with his own liquid tenor and Afro-Cuban percussion. In More, there's a mixture of more than styles, there's a bringing together of centuries, the urban modernism of the bolero singer with the attack and percussive singing of a rumbero. And what he achieved became the pattern for the future. To drift through the box set is a form of musical archeology, as much of what he did during his improvisations became common practice in Cuban music and also in the music of Puerto Rico and New York. There other clues scattered around as well: of the connection Cuba and Mexico had culturally before the revolution; More sings boleros with the Mexican Pedro Flores.

The 124-page booklet explains pretty much everything except the big subjects, i.e. politics and culture. It goes into what was recorded, and why, and where More played and why, and what killed him. There's a discography, and lyrics, and instead of personnel listings, it has pictures of the band during various years, and if you read the text it explains who was playing what when, most of the time. It's all detail and little explanation, and the heaps of photographs tell a better story that's second only to the music. The exceptional quality of the production is at the level, finally, of box sets dedicated to classical music and jazz, exactly what the music and More deserve. The only thing that falls short by comparison, is the sound; it's mostly good, but clearly the set is drawing from private collectors along with other sources and the sound is erratic. It's a small quibble. This set is essential for the casual fan of More, but also for anybody that wants to understand exactly how great the 20th century was in the Americas."

Highly Recommended.
- Peter Watrous (Dec 03) www.descarga.com


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El Legendario Idolo del Pueblo Cubano: Grabaciones Completas 1953-1960  4 CD-Boxset - DeLuxe Series
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