Tammy Burdett

I was born and raised in Seattle. My father played tuba in the Seattle Symphony for decades. My mother played piano. Both were self-taught. My dad also played string bass. During World War II, my parents played in a club downtown that was frequented by soldiers on leave. In addition, my dad played most of the big events that came through town, from the 1930s through the ‘60s. These events included the Ice Follies and all musicals and circuses. When I was little, he’d take me with him, and I’d sit by his chair in the bandstand. That’s where my roots are, in show music. He also made sure I had years of training on both bass and piano.

I wanted to play piano in my junior high orchestra, but too many others did, too. I was offered two alternatives from the school’s music locker —either the oboe or the string bass. I chose the latter to my dad’s dismay. He really wanted me to be a concert...

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