Bronislaw Kaper

Movie composer Bronislaw Kaper wrote hits for a number of Hollywood films from the mid-'30s through the late '60s. Born in 1902 in Warsaw, Poland, Kaper studied at the Warsaw Conservatory of Music, then later worked as a composer and conductor in Warsaw, Berlin, Vienna, London, and Paris. Kaper composed concert pieces and movie music, often in collaboration with Austrian composer Walter Jurman.

He emigrated to the U.S. in 1935, and became a successful Hollywood composer. He not only wrote successful scores for MGM, but also many hit songs, usually with chief collaborator lyricist Gus Kahn. Kaper also worked in Hollywood as an arranger, conductor, and musical director. Other projects of Kaper's include adapting Chopin for Broadway's Polonaise, and writing for television, including the theme of The F.B.I. show.

Some of Kaper's best-known songs are "Cosi Cosa," "You're All I Need"...

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