Gil Mellé

A true renaissance man, Gil Melle began his career as a post-bop baritone saxophonist who also composed and painted, later branching out into a wide variety of artistic and scientific fields. He abandoned jazz fairly early on in his career, choosing to compose a number of film and television scores and experiment with electronic music instead. Then again, Melle's music wasn't strictly jazz -- it was a hybrid of jazz, drawn from Duke Ellington in particular, and classical music, which he called "primitive modern." That "primitive modern" music was on display on a series of albums for Blue Note and Prestige in the late '50s. Following that series, Melle only released records sporadically, but he kept amazingly busy, composing scores, pioneering electronic music, building specialized computers and synthesizers, painting, piloting, and restoring automobiles and planes, as well as keeping...

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Gil Mellé Albums

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