Vito Price

Born in New York in 1929, Vito Price, née Vito Pizzo, began playing tenor sax at the age of fourteen. After high school, he apprenticed on the road with the bands of Bob Chester, Art Mooney, Tony Pastor, as well as with Chubby Jackson’s small group. He joined the military in 1951, and spent two years serving in the Marine Corps band. When he left, he decided to enroll in a two-year course at the Manhattan Music School. His lessons had the invaluable support of actual real life work experience, as leader of his own group and as amember of Jerry Wald’s band.

He finally settled in Chicago in the summer of 1955, soon standing out as one of the Windy City’s top tenormen. In February 1956 he joined the WGN station staff orchestra, which provided him with a stable and well-paying job.

In 1956, while in Chicago he recorded "Swingin' the Loop," his first album, and a promising start. Price...

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