Chris Higgins

Born on November 1, 1967 in Eugene, Oregon, Chris Higgins studied violin and voice from age 5, taking up acoustic bass at 15. Studied at Berklee College of Music from '85-'90. Moved to New York City in 1995, Barcelona in 1997 and back to New York in 2003. Recorded and/or performed with Chris Cheek, Bill McHenry, Kurt Rosenwinkel, Pat Metheny, Sonny Fortune, Richie Cole, Jorge Rossi, Jeff Ballard, Jerry Gonzalez, Sheila Jordan, Mark Turner, Edward Simon, Joel Frahm and George Colligan. Currently performing around New York City with Adam Niewood, Tom Beckham, Angela Bingham and the Dang-it Bobbies.

Albums featuring Chris Higgins

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