Silvia Pérez Cruz

Sílvia Pérez Cruz (born 15 February 1983) is a Spanish singer. In 2012, she recorded her first solo album, 11 de Novembre, which was nominated for album of the year in both Spain and France. One of her compositions, "No Te Puedo Encontrar", received a Goya Award for best original song. In 2014, she released her album Granada. Both releases have been in collaboration with Raül Fernández Miró.

Cruz's parents were both singers who sang together. Her mother taught her to play the saxophone and piano as well as how to dance and sculpt. Her father was a self-taught guitarist.

She went to ESMUC in Barcelona, where she received classical training studying the piano and saxophone and receiving a degree in vocal jazz. While she was at ESMUC, she and three other women founded a flamenco group called Las Migas. They combined their different musical approaches to create a new type of flamenco. It...

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