Johannes Wallmann

In twelve years in New York City, and five years in Oakland, Califorina, the German-born, Vancouver Island-raised and now Wisconsin-based pianist Johannes Wallmann has established himself as a skilled and creative composer of complex yet highly engaging music. Wallmann’s music is shaped by the sounds of the places he has called home: the rhythmic pulse of New York and Oakland meets the rugged coasts of the Pacific Northwest and the open expanses of the Midwest. Steeped in the jazz tradition, and informed by the music of John Coltrane and Duke Ellington, Wallmann’s distinctive writing continues to explore new territory, joining harmonic complexity with infectious groove, melodic introspection with playful exuberance.

Wallmann’s latest release, 2015's 'The Town Musicians' (Fresh Sound New Talent), features Wallmann in the company of new and old friends: his decade-long NYC trio partners...

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