Lenny McBrowne

Born in New York City (January 24, 1933), Lenny McBrowne is a textbook hard bop drummer who displays his tendency to swing the ride cymbal ahead of the beat as if he were an oncoming marauder waving a scimitar. A good collection from this genre of jazz inevitably features a few sides with Lenny McBrowne, perhaps with hard-charging saxophonists such as Booker Ervin or Sonny Criss. He also worked well with guitarist Kenny Burrell, prodding him along like a board along the back of the brow on several of Burrell's best recordings. Some jazz fans feel this drummer's rhythm section style was influenced by his study of the double bass at the New York School of Music in the late '40s; it certainly didn't hurt anything. He began studying percussion around the same time and his teachers were some of the best, including jazz master Max Roach and Sticks Evans, who at least sounds like he was a...

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