Pat Healy

Miss Pat Healy (1927-2020) was born in Cleveland but at age 22 she went to live with her mother in Los Angeles. Although she dreamed of becoming a singer as a child, she spent years filling various jobs before having the courage to make impromptu appearances at some local night clubs beginning in the mid-1950s. Finally in summer 1957 encouraged by pianist Joe Marino, she quit her job and soon emerged as a praised and applauded singer, winning her first professional contract as a guest vocalist on the live television program, hosted by Bobby Troup, Stars of Jazz, where, on September 2, 1957, she appeared accompanied by the Paul Bley Trio As a consequence of her performance, Pacific Jazz Records president Dick Bock offered to sign her with his newly renamed World Pacific Records label, in line with Bock’s announced policy of expanding the breadth of its repertoire. According to Bock,...

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