Geni Barry

Born in Barcelona, Geni Barry grew up breathing rythms like swing, be-bop and hard-bop. His most influential teachers have been Tete Montoliu and Bobby Hutcherson, but felt constantly learning with good musicians performing in all types of bands together with renowned jazz musicians: Georges Arvanitas, Albert Bover, Ricard Roda, Toni Solà, David Mengual, Bob Sands, Joan Monné, Germán Kucich, Joan Chamorro, Luigi Trussardi and Roger Mas among others.

Geni Barry has performed in most national jazz festivals and venues. Also important to consider the fact that he has the right hand for internationally acclaimed pianist Tete Montoliu.

Unquestionably gifted as a performer, Barry is also his own instrument-maker: in late 1986 he made, thanks to his knowledge on robotics, his vibraphone, making of it a stronger and more transportable instrument with an excellent sonority.

He wrote a book in...

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