Sonny Red

Sylvester Kyner, later known as Sonny Red, was born December 17, 1932 in Belzoni, Mississippi to Lottie Lee McAfee-Kiner (1909-1989) and Jeff Kiner (?-1937). Sylvester had four siblings – Ira Lee (1928-1985), Roberta Marie (1929-2014 ), Rodell (1930-2003) and James (1934-2004) – but he was the only family member whose last name was spelled with a “y,” as verified on his birth certificate. The first four years of his life were spent with his family in Humphreys County, Mississippi. In the spring of 1936, lack of educational opportunities and poor living conditions compelled Lottie and her five children to board a Greyhound bus and flee north to Detroit, Michigan, where they moved in with Lottie’s sister Ira Lee Cox-Frederick (1902-1989) at 8630 Beaubien. Jeff Kiner followed his wife and family shortly afterwards, getting a job with the Levine Waste Paper Company, but he died a few...

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