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Big Band Sound

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Big Band Sound

Elliot Lawrence

Featuring: Elliot Lawrence (p), Burt Collins (tp), Bernie Glow (tp), Don Stratton (tp), Stan Fishelson (tp), Eddie Bert (tb), Bill Elton (tb), Jim Dahl (tb), James Buffington (fh), Gene Quill (as), Sam Marowitz (as), Al Cohn (ts) and many more

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If he had been born ten years earlier, Elliot Lawrence might have been one of the more significant bandleaders of the swing era. As it worked out, he was a bit of a prodigy, leading a strong dance band when he was only 20, but by then (1945), the swing era was ending. Lawrence did record steadily as a leader during 1946-1960 (for Columbia, Decca, King, Fantasy, Vik, and Sesac), sometimes using Gerry Mulligan arrangements, but he mostly worked in the studios.


1. Paradise Rock (Sparrow)
2. Alto Lament (Scamolin)
3. The Cats (O'Connell Jr)
4. We Can't Go On (Fletcher-Corbin)
5. Gone Tropical (O'Connel Jr)
6. Pebbles (Kanner)
7. Blue Cha-Cha (Osterling)
8. Black Eye Blues (Elliot)
9. Autumn Time (Roberts)
10. Did You Say Dixie? (Moffitt)
11. Dancing The Shadow Waltz (O'Connell Jr)
12. Yes, Yes (Brown)
13. Easy (Spence)
14. Look Look (Lawrence)
15. A Touch Of Amber (Ring)
16. Manhattan Boogie (Paisner)
17. Tell Them So (McNeil)
18. Sito (Pandy)
19. Lover Take All (Rubin-Sterling)
20. Jump Steady (Chapman)
21. Sunset (Bowman)
22. Sioux City (Allan)

Recorded in New York City, May 26 - June 30 - October 6, 1958

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