The New Talent Jazz Orchestra

The Sound of New York Jazz Underground: The Documentary (DVD Pal & NTSC)

Fresh Sound New Talent

Reference: FSNT 901

This DVD documents the recording of the double CD The Sound of New York Jazz Underground on September 29-30 and October 1-2, 2003, at Systems Two Recording Studios in Brooklyn, New York. It does not features a complete musical performance but rather a documentary about the interaction between musicians during a studio recording.

Divided in eight chapters (one for each director) it shows us the musicians in studio during a rarely seen moment of their work.

DVD Pal & NTSC systems. Playable worldwide.
Special features:

- Subtitles in French and Spanish.
- Photo Gallery.
- Complete Fresh Sound New Talent catalogue.

Complete Collective Personnel:
Taylor Haskins, Diego Urcola, Richard Nant - trumpet, fluggelhorn
Phil Grenadier, Avishai Cohen, Russ Johnson - trumpet
Avi Lebovich, Sandro Tomasi, Alan Ferber, Max Siegel, Dana Leong - trombone
Jamie Baum, Helen Richman - flute
Anat Cohen, Miguel Zenon, Jaleel Shaw, Chris Cheek, Jason Hunter, Andrew Rathbun, Bill McHenry, Marcus Strickland, Eli Degibri, Jimmy Greene, Adam Kolker, Chris Karlic, Frank Basile - saxes
Magali Souriau, Frank Carlberg, Aaron Goldberg - piano
Jason Lindner, Guillermo Klein - piano, Fender Rhodes
Jorge Rossy - Fender Rhodes
Ben Monder - electric guitar
Matt Pavolka, Matt Penman, John Hebert - doublebass
Brandon Owens, Fernando Huergo - electric bass
Jeff Hirshfield, Mark Ferber - drums
Jeff Ballard, Jorge Rossy - drums & percussion
Franco Pinna - drums & bombo legüero
Daniel Freedman - percussion
Claudia Acuña, Christine Correa, Chiara Civello - vocals

Recorded by Mike Marciano and David Baker at System Two, Brooklyn, NY.



"Hablar sobre la calidad musical del doble CD The Sound of New York Jazz Underground es algo que no tiene cabida en el análisis del presente DVD por dos motivos: el primero de ellos es que TomaJazz ya incluye una entrada directa correspondiente al CD; la segunda es que el documento visual es material adicional al contenido musical de la grabación.
No estamos hablando de que la cámara, como es habitual, se sitúe estática y pasiva frente a los músicos, buscando el mejor punto de referencia acústico, o que, tras la grabación desde varios focos, se haya realizado un posterior montaje de vídeo y sonido. Éste es el aspecto más curioso e interesante del DVD: el objetivo de Alan Finlay abre 8 apartados estanco, correspondientes a los 8 compositores/conductores de orquesta del material musical, y sobre ellos vierte las opiniones de éstos, así como fragmentos visuales de las entrañas del estudio durante la grabación, sacrificando la importancia del sonido en pos de lograr un punto de vista inusual. Así, Finlay se introduce en la pecera para filmar en primer plano a Claudia Acuña; se esconde en un rincón para grabar el zapateo del tenor de Chris Cheek; captura la gesticulación de Ablanedo durante una de las tomas de El Acecho; o cómo Guillermo Klein permanece en pie mientras interpreta a piano y dirige Jumbo-Buen dia día.

La cantidad de fragmentos visuales que este DVD relata es innumerable. Una oportunidad única de hacer un viaje por un estudio de grabación, de poder ver en primer plano cómo funcionan las bien engrasadas máquinas de este sorprendente sello. Ni que decir tiene la valía de este documento desde el punto de vista técnico: micros, altavoces, técnicas de sonorización, mesas de mezcla En definitiva, los secretos de un estudio de grabación revelados de forma indirecta, casi a hurtadillas.

Dentro del material adicional se incluye una galería de fotos, así como un listado visual del catálogo de FSNT. Los comentarios sonoros son en inglés, mientras que los subtítulos están disponibles en español y francés."

-Sergio Masferrer


"Fresh Sound has been recording young musicians on its New Talent division for the last ten years, giving a first venue in the studio to some of the most interesting young musicians of our time. Producer Jordi Pujol wanted to mark that decade of work somehow, and THE SOUND OF NEW YORK JAZZ UNDERGROUND was his answer. He created the NEW TALENT JAZZ ORCHESTRA, a collective of nearly fifty musicians who have recorded for the label in the past decade, selected eight of the musicians to write one new composition and one new arrangement for large ensemble, and set them free in the studio in Brooklyn for three days, September 29, 30 and October 1, 2003. The result is a double CD set (Fresh Sound New Talent 200; 53:58 & 59:38) and a DVD (FSNT DVD 901) documenting those three amazing days.

Actually its a strange choice for the video column, since this DVD that captures the NTJO is pretty raw stuff. Its divided into eight parts, each one capturing the studio sessions for one of the orchestras composers/arrangers. Theres not a lot of editing and or even close miking of conversations, we just get footage of the orchestra under the direction of one of these eight artists, sometimes interspersed with a little interview footage. So it is fascinating stuff, but not on its own. If you hadnt heard the CD results of these sessions, frankly this DVD would be confusing at best, much like stumbling on an open window in the alley and peeking in at these largely unknown artists chatting and playing and working on the charts. But once youve heard the 2 CDs of new music, the excitement of peeking in the rear window to see how it was done is great. The first CD holds all the original compositions (Meditation on Two Chords/ Jason Lindner; Heaven/ Frank Carlberg; Petite Promenade/ Magali Souriau; Nine/ Andrew Rathbun; Jumbo-Buen Dia Dia/ Guillermo Klein; Escondido/ Taylor Haskins; El Acecho/ Pablo Ablanedo; Noosh/ Avi Lebovich; 53:58) and the ensembles change from track to track. There is a lot of grand work here, all of it for large band, but highlights include Ablanedos tribute to Piazzola and Pascoal, El Acecho. And also the bouncing Petite Promenade by Magali Souriau, where Miguel Zenon and Chris Cheek stand out on reeds, is wonderful. The second CD may be even more fun, as the same eight composers now arrange a tune for the orchestra (Me Voy Quedando/ Ablanedo; Nannou/ Haskins; Silhouettes/ Lebovich; Witch Hunt/ Rathbun; Nefertiti/ Klein; Au Clair de la Lune/ Souriau; I Got Rhythm/ Carlberg; Giant Steps/ Lindner; 59:38). One of the catchiest performances, so memorable that it serves for cover music on the DVD, is Taylor Haskins arrangement of Nannou by Aphex Twin. I can get a bit tired of Jazz musicians covering rock tunes, but this combination of Ben Monders electric guitar and Kleins Fender Rhodes with a horn section including Cheek, Zenon, and Haskins himself is atmospheric and hard to get out of your head. These are indeed worthy documents to celebrate ten years of very special and still largely unheralded work, and Fresh Sound is to be commended. The two CDs are a must, since Im sure some day well all be remembering these early works by now famous artists. If you dig the music and if you have ears that arent just painted on, you will dig the musicthen the DVD is worth acquiring. But Id say that Jordi Pujols New Talent Jazz Orchestra is indeed among the sounds of the next Jazz underground."

Phillip McNally -Cadence Magazine


"Members of the New Talent Jazz Orchestra gathered at the Systems Two Recording Studios in Brooklyn over four days in 2003, to lay down tracks for The Sound of New York Jazz Underground, a 2-CD set (see review). The idea first came from Pablo Ablanedo who thought of putting together an orchestra with musicians from the house of New Talent. The idea germinated and grew and when the logistics were done, and the pieces fell into place, 47 musicians were on hand. It was the perfect happening for Fresh Sound Records and their tenth anniversary. Jordi Pujol of Fresh Sound Records then mooted the idea of a double CD with one disc comprising originals, and the other of arrangements.

The orchestra is conducted by Magali Souriau, Pablo Ablanedo, Frank Carlberg, Andrew Rathbun, Taylor Haskins, Guillermo Klein, Jason Lindner and Avi Lebovich. Each speaks of the music chosen, but Souriau comes off as the most interesting. She adds to the usual with information about how she came into jazz, and adds to the ordinary.

The DVD shows the musicians rehearsing, having fun doing so, and then playing the music. The tracks are not complete versions, but the segments give an idea of the direction the music takes. The orchestrations are tight, yet flow with a lithe grace. If there is one performer who comes across strongly, given the time devoted to her, it is singer Claudia Acuña, who captivates with her hypnotic voice."

Jerry D'Souza -All About Jazz (April, 2005)


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