Five in Orbit


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Ramon Fossati (tb), Olivier Brandily (as, fl & b-cl), Laurent Bronner (p), Nicolas Rageau (b), Luc Isenmann (d), Martí Serra (ts), Giulia Valle (b)

Reference: FSNT-364

Bar code: 8427328423649

If the quality and naturalness of Five in Orbits debut album was one of the great revelations in the European jazz of the new century, in its second album, the French-Catalan quintet manages to go even further. Following the line started by Ellington-Mingus-Kirk, their music travels fast on the highway of Jazz, with a capital J, far from niches, imposed thematic restrictions, and derivative styles.

The sound of this group -a sound that blends with freshness all languages of jazz- brings us, in FrEAKS, an array of new sensations with extremely original textures, arrangements and atmospheres. Never foregoing a constant demand for creativity, the compositions of the Bronner-Brandily-Fossati trio give priority to their most communicative side, and show solid structure, always interesting developments, and a hint of descriptiveness that will carry the listener to other worlds which, as the poet would say, are actually within our own.

Ramon Fossatis great skill as an instrumentalist really adds to the imaginative prowess of these tunes; his excellent work as a trombonist is complemented by his subtle blowing of conch shells. Not less remarkable is Olivier Brandilys excellent work, be it with alto sax, bass clarinet or flutes. Meanwhile, the elegant and inventive pianist Laurent Bronner, who also plays a prepared piano, shines as a soloist while he pushes with strength a remarkable rhythmic section including Nicolas Rageau, double bass, and Luc Isenmann, drums. Finally, double bassist Giulia Valle and saxophonist Martí Serra, in their role as guest stars, bring precious notes of color to a fantastic album that you will devour from start to finish, as you would a good film.

01. Five Angels (Fossati-Bronner-Brandily) 4:59
02. Freaks (Bronner) 9:20
03. Naked Snake (Brandily) 9:46
04. 45° angle (Best) 6:16
05. K (Bronner) 10:13
06. Chicken (Bley) 4:58
07. Chromatic Darkness (Fossati) 4:40
08. Green Oak (Bronner) 4:04
09. Line 475 (Fossati) 4:57

Album details

Total time: 59:00 min.

Ramon Fossati (tb & sea shells), Olivier Brandily (as, fl & b-cl), Laurent Bronner (p), Nicolas Rageau (b), Luc Isenmann (d). Special guests: Martí Serra (ts on #3) and Giulia Valle (b on #5).

Recorded by David Casamitjana at Centre Espai Escènic, Catellterçol, Catalunya-Spain, on March 9, 2009
Mixed & mastered at Espai Sonor Montoliu, Montoliu de Segarra, Catalunya-Spain, on July 2009
Liner notes: Isabel Coixet

Executive producer: Jordi Pujol

Press reviews

"Freaks: a tactile and ethereal universe. Freaks, Five in Orbits album, is what I call an album/door: the threshold of a universe both near and misty, melancholic and strong, tactile and ethereal. When I was looking for a musical soundtrack for my documentary about the disappearance of the Aral Sea, a good friend of mine, who knows how restless I get when looking for a soundtrack, gave me this jewel by Five in Orbit telling me he had the feeling I would like it. He was right: I listened to the album in one go, and found myself in a deeply evocative atmosphere that fascinated me completely, and seemed to fit with ease -surprisingly- with the harsh images of the desert to which the Aral Sea has been reduced. We got down to work and, today, two tunes by Freaks accompany my documentary superbly.

Meanwhile, their tunes have also become a recurrent soundtrack in my daily life, and while I write these notes from the 23rd floor of a skyscraper in Shinjuku, they play in the background, sharing this new Japanese adventure with me. I await, impatient, their next releases!."

Isabel Coixet
Tokyo, December

"La banda franco-catalana, ara renovada, continua en la linea refrescant i personal del seu primer treball. Aquest resulta més comunicatiu i lluminós, amb textures de so més treballades gràcies a la incorporació del clarinet baix, els cargols de mar, els xiulets i les percussions. L'ombra d'Ellington plana a 'FrEaks'."

La Vanguardia, 7 de març, 2010


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