Watch Out


Herbie Mann, Ray Gomez, Michael Brecker

Reference: DISC 1988 CD

was born in 1970 at Fernando Arbex's initiative after Alacran's disbanding. Arbex was the creator of the name and musical ideas based on a funky-salsa sound wich had been thinking over for some time. For this purpose, he composed songs such as "Wild Safary" or "Woman" and started to contact with the first members of the band, who were Ignacio Egaña, Tito Duarte, Miguel and Ricky Morales, Joao Vidal and Arbex himself on drums and as a producer. Once the first demos were presented to RCA's director, Mr. Gil Beltran, who was delighted with the project, a production agreement was signed with Fernando Arbex and a commercial artists contract with the members of the band. The first LP was recorded at RCA studios in Madrid and the master was cut in London at Trident studios with the engineer David Jones. This first LP meant the worldwide promotion of Barrabas wich managed to get into the USA Billboard with the song "Woman" in the Canadian lists. This event opened the doors to the group in the international market, and both market as well as the public remained faithful to the band throughout their long musical career. Barrabás recorded eight albums more with some significant changes in the group, such as the new lead singer, José Luís Tejada. Barrabás is undoubtedly the most important band as well as the most internationally known group of the spanish music business witin the last few years. A classic!.


1. Swinger (Arbex) - 4:55
2. Movi'on (Duarte) - 4:30
3. Turn Me Love (Morales) - 4:48
4. Oldie (Duarte/Morales/Morales) - 5:10
5. Week End (Morales/Morales) - 4:42
6. Do It (Morales) - 4:09
7. Sweet and Mellow (Morales) - 4:48
8. Love Is in the Air (Morales) - 4:10

AMG Review:
By sticking primarily to funk and disco, Watch Out is one of Barrabas' most streamlined and consistent albums. The thematic content of "Swinger" leaves the song in the year it was recorded a shame, since it contains some of Juan Vidal's wildest keyboard work (not to mention a guest performance from Herbie Mann on flute). "Week End" is one of the group's best songs, a low-key and simple groove anchored by a thick bass line from Miguel Morales; gorgeous string accents and floating vocals from some uncredited female vocalists add a melancholy flair to a song whose mood is belied by its title. One highlight that delivers on its title is "Sweet and Mellow," another cut that benefits from female vocalists. Once again, Barrabas shows that its best moments come when it lets things flow gracefully. When the band tries too hard and appears to be out to prove something, the results sound forced. Guitarist Ray Gomez and saxophonist Michael Brecker also guest on this decent album.


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Watch Out
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