Andrew Rathbun


Fresh Sound New Talent

Andrew Rathbun (ts, as), Kenny Wheeler (tp, flh), Frank Carlberg (p), John Herbert (b), John Hirshfield (d)

Reference: FSNT-135

Bar code: 84 27328 421355

1. Sculpture 1
2. Nameless
3. Your Eyes Changed Us
4. Architect
5. Duo I
6. Sculpture 2
7. Doves & Hawks
8. Talking in My Sleep
9. Facing West
10. She Sceams in Whispers
11. Z
12. Duo II
13. Kid Song
14. Sculpture 3
15. Holiday of Fools
16. Fitzgerald
17. Duo III
18. At the tip of the Island
19. The Farmonics Game
20. Duo IV
21. Sculpture 4

Album details

Recorded in New York, September 2001

Press reviews

"His last time out on Fresh Sound Records, saxophonist/composer Andrew Rathbun stretched the jazz listening experience by incorporating the writing of his fellow Canadian, Margaret Atwood, into his genre-bending CD, "True Stories". The music was indeed 'Fresh Sounding', giving melody and quintet jazz backing to Atwood's lovely poems. And the band, when Atwood wasn't featured, turned out some high-energy, modal, mid-sixties Miles Davis sounds, Fender Rhodes and all.

This time out, on "Sculptures", Rathbun offers up jazz straight through, quintet mode, sax and trumpet front line, going with the accoustic piano instead of Fender rhodes.

An initial listen brings early sixties Miles Davis to mind-- Nefertit or E.S.P.. A thoughtful, dense set of songs, featuring--in addition to Rathbun's assured tenor sax work--some elastic lines from trumpeter flugelhornist Kenny Wheeler, and the solid but flexible rhythm of Frank Carlsberg on bass; John Hebert, piano; and Jeff Hirsfield doing the bass chores.

The music's compelling features are the overall musicianship and the twists and turns afforded by the multiple(twenty-one cuts)compositions, and the the intricate two horn interplay.

Wheeler is top notch here, as always, his sound rolling from the full round brass tone of his flugelhorn to the stretched tight, whiney, Wallace Roney-like trumpet lines.

An understated yet complex set of songs, repeated listenings revealing different shadings and nuances. Of special interest to fans of very early sixties Miles Davis".

By Dan McClenaghan . AllAboutJazz.Com


"The sounds are refined and elegant and often reach peaks of beauty. Rathbun has inspired a stimulating interactive session with an unblinking eye focused on the future of jazz."

- The Toronto Star


"Rathbun's new CD is a beauty that should enhance his reputation. Sculptures is a sophisticated statement....."

- Face Magazine


"He utilizes the fine players in his group to create a majestic yet subtle panorama of sounds and moods, some of which are entirely spontaneous. He also plays with tremendous flair and facility on both tenor and soprano."

- David Adler. All Music Guide


"The young reedist wrote much of this stuff for elder statesman Wheeler, whose slightly restless melancholy is stamped all over this music. And while the program is so diverse that it seems at times to lack a coherent identity, there's no denying tahtthis is a fine band with the talented and undersung Carlberg and Hirshfield on board.

It's the talent of the players individually and collectively that redeems this recording, which is otherwise all over the map. For example, there are a number of very brief and enigmatic pieces. "Sculptures" 1 and 3 feature dense multi-traked sax with with quartet accompaniment, while numbers 2 and 4 are short, alomost tentative stabs at freeplay. "Your Eyes" is a dark miniature featuring Wheeler and Hebert's bass. And "Duo IV" is an almost funereal duo for Wheeler and Carlberg. the ideas in these and other brief tracks are good ones, but they are mere teaser with such short durations.

The longer performances are far more satisfying, hinting at what could be developed elsewhere, but they are overall less adventurous than the miniatures. "Nameless" wouldn't sound out of place on one of Wheelr0s own recordings, its shifting modalities an obstacle course for Rathbun's Lovano-influenced horn. A similar mood characterizes the 5/4 "Doves and Hawks". "Architect" is a key track, highlighting Rathbun's methodical, rigourous way with a solo - it's also prime place to hear Carlberg's great touch and imagination. And "Z" is a sowly unfolding ballad, its lyrical core revealed patiently in nice close harmoneis and gentle swing. This music at its best combines abstract logic with lyrical warmth - neither Glacometti nor Moore, but alomst a Calder (defined by movement, simplicity, and elegance). But the album is lttered with too many gnomic gestures, asides or outbursts which clog the music's flow. athbun's a real talent with a lot to say. Here's hoping he realizes he doesn't have to say it all on one album."

- Jason Bivins, Cadence Magazine.


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