Giuseppe Cucchiara

Italy born-and-raised and NYC-based upright bassist and composer Giuseppe Cucchiara grew up immersed among countless jazz vinyl and dinamic musical inputs from the earliest age. His father, who happens to be a classical upright bass player, layed the path for him to approach various instruments during his childhood until 2010, when at the age of 16 Giuseppe eventually picked up the bass to never let it go. During his teenage years, he crossed paths with highly praised Italian jazz drummer Stefano Bagnoli, with whom he toured around as a sideman for “We Kids” Trio, and recorded four albums for some major Italian jazz record companies, namely Ultrasound Records, Abeat Records and Jazzit Records.

In 2015, he was granted a meritorial scholarship at the Berklee College Of Music, leading him to move to Boston to further develop his skills and establish himself on the US scene. At Berklee,...

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