Alexis Valet

Vibist Alexis Valet did not choose jazz out of nostalgia but out of a thirst for action. This is a sign of his generation which, born after the departure of most of the genre's "founding fathers", continues to see this music as a space for exploration. Carried by the desire to find his voice, at a moment when his instrument returns to the front of the stage, he reveals himself to be an accomplished musician, with a confident personality, frank gesture and clear intentions, who plays jazz without hesitation. If we find in his playing a sense of lines inherited from the school of Lennie Tristano, a phrasing punctuated by the accentuations of Jackie McLean's be-bop, or if his path goes through the harmonic sinuosities of Wayne Shorter, it is is that it was nourished by the art of those who came before it. His music is equally marked, however, by Caribbean rhythms, the grooves of...

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Alexis Valet Albums

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