Gus Mancuso

If a tuba married a trombone, their kids would be baritone horns. As former high-school band members may recall, the baritone looks like a tuba that was left in the drier too long, and its sound is most akin to the valve trombone. Not many musicians played the instrument in jazz ensembles, since other horns can do the job more easily [...] One of the only jazz musicians to lead a recording session on the instrument was Gus Mancuso.

Born and raised in Rochester, N.Y., Mancuso began playing drums at age 11 before switching to trombone. He had five brothers who also were musicians, and he began playing the baritone horn in the Army band. Mancuso doubled on piano, bass, trumpet, trombone and vibes, and he recorded intermittently as a pianist and bassist with Sarah Vaughan, Billy EckstineQuincy Jones and Carl Fontana [...]

After his discharge, Mancuso caught the ear of vibist Cal Tjader,...

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