Terry Morel

Born in Philadelphia on January 29, 1925, Terry Morel was a gifted vocalist who always seemed to find steady work in her native Philadelphia, ever since her professional debut in 1949. She was half of a team of nightclub performers called Don and Terry, and for a good six years they did special material and musical comedy tunes, with successful appearances at nightclubs all over the East Coast.

This wasn't quite enough for Terry though, because loved jazz, and wanted to sing the songs she liked, the way she liked. So she gave up a successful gig in a field she didn't really enjoy, to become a single, a jazz singer. It was not an easy path. The already crowded field had a limited audience at best, and bookings weren't easy to come by.

She took that new step in her career backed by a new local trio headed by 24-year-old pianist Tony Luis, and ably supported Ron Andrews on bass and Hank...

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