Lex Golden

When trumpeter Alexander “Lex” R. Golden (1913-2001) made his recording debut, his name was virtually unknown outside of Los Angeles. Still, he was by no means a Johnny-come-lately. Lex had had years of experience as an instrumentalist, gained working in almost every movie, T.V. and recording studio in Hollywood. Not only that, but starting in 1956 he performed in some of the most famous night spots in Los Angeles with his band.

On his album debut for Superior Records, Lex’s main purposewas to put together a set of tunes to “listenwell and dancewell,” with a jazz touch. With that idea in mind, he chose a talented group of arrangers consisting of Marty Paich, Paul Moer, Pete Carpenter, Bill Pitman and Ray Sherman, to write the scores for the jazz octet led by Golden and made up of some of the most accomplished Hollywood studio and jazz musicians.

—Jordi Pujol (From the inlay liner...

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