Alice Coltrane

Alice "Turiya" Coltrane was a visionary pianist, composer, and bandleader who spent the majority of her life seeking spiritually in both music and her private life. While her early years as a professional were spent as a hard-swinging, in-demand pianist of the Detroit school during the '50s, it was her marriage to and musical partnership with John Coltrane that established her during the New Thing years of the '60s and beyond. After her husband's death, Coltrane, a gifted arranger as well as pianist and harpist, released seven solo albums on Impulse! during the latter part of the decade and into the '70s -- including Journey in Satchidananda (featuring Pharoah Sanders) and Universal Consciousness, which wove together the strains of her musical thinking: modal jazz, gospel hymns, blues, Hindi devotional music, and 20th century classical sonorities. Her move to Warner Bros. in 1975...

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