Shelley Moore

The enchanting Shelley Moore was an English vocalist with a firm orientation towards jazz, and some rare, unquestionably appealing qualities as a singer. She was born in Essex, England, and through the 1950s she performed in nightclubs, for the American troops, and on British television and radio, which led to several singles.

After touring the US with English bandleader Vic Lewis, she began singing with the Ray McKinley band, to move to the states formally in 1960. It only took a year for Miss Moore to record her first album in Los Angeles —"For the First Time." Vocally, the album showcases her light, almost wistful quality, while instrumentally, the merit lies in the classic Ramsey Lewis Triog featuring Eldee Young and Isaac “Redd” Holt fitting Shelley Moore’s bent admirably, as well as in the individual instrumental performances, all of uniform quality.

—Jordi Pujol (From the liner...

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