Pat O'Day

Pat O’Day, wasn’t quite 21 when she made her first record back in 1953 —a single including the song 'A Dear John Letter' which didn’t do half bad, half a million copies to be precise. Pat never lacked for work after that, and winning the national TV contest Chance of a Lifetime, garnered her a daily disc jockey show with former Benny Goodman vocalist Ray Dorey on Boston’s leading independent station. Though a quiet, remarkably ingenious girl, Pat had showmanship, and on stage she projected an outgoing, exultant performer’s personality, not unlike her models, Doris Day, Margaret Whiting, and Nat King Cole.

'When Your Lover Has Gone' was her only LP, and it saw the light in 1956. In it, Pat’s sweet-voice shifts effortlessly from late-night torch ballads to up-tempo tunes over the satisfying arrangements of Jack Zimmermann. As for the choice of well-known standards, Pat thought that “any...

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