Wilson Das Neves

Wilson Das Neves is one of Brazil’s most prolific drummers playing a major part in Brazil’s musical history. Das Neves, also a vocalist, has long been one of the most sought after drummers in Brazil. A very important artist specially for Brazilian Popular Music as a sambista, composer and instrumentalist, with over 50 years dedicated to music. He can be heard in over 600 records from the greatest Brazilian artists

Born on June 14, 1936, in Rio de Janeiro. the percussionist is a key figure in the history of Brazilian music, having played with many of Brazil’s greatest musicians across many decades and after having featured on numerous important recordings. Wilson grew and learnt his trade in Rio; his roots came from Pernambuco, Brazil’s former slave centre. Wilson fills us in on some family history: ‘My father was from Pernambuco and my mother from Salvador. My great-grandmother was...

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Albums featuring Wilson Das Neves

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