Pedrinho Augusto

Pedrinho Augusto was born in Brazil’s Federal Capital, where he began his studies at the age of ten. A professional musician, drummer, percussionist and teacher, he completed his undergraduate studies at the Universidade de Brasília.

One of the most in-demand drummers from Brasília's new generation. His versatility and musicianship is evidenced by the diversity of artists that he has had the pleasure of working with. Pedrinho has collaborated with such accomplished artists as Dominguinhos, Sandra de Sá, Thiago Espírito Santo, Ellen Oléria and Pedro Martins, among many others.

He has played drums as part of the Alma Brasileira project in the celebrated Fresh Sound World Jazz 2018 release "Viagem Nova." Pedrinho is now living in the USA and is enrolled at the University of Louisville, Kentucky in the Graduate Music Degree Program of Music-Performance with a Concentration in Jazz...

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