Tommy Gumina

Thomas Joseph Gumina (born in Milwaukee in May, 1931), Wisconsin, began studying accordion at age 11. He spent 5 years in Chicago studying under the great Andy Rizzo. Gave solo recitals and clubbed around between 1945-1951. That year Gumina met Harry James and in January 1952 went to Los Angeles in a series of television appearances with Mr. James. Appears in a Universal-International musical short with Harry James Orchestra. Also on Ed Sullivan’s, Jackie Gleason’s, Perry Como’s and Liberace’s TV shows.

Gumina went solo in 1955, starting his own combo in 1956; met with consistent success in Las Vegas. Signed by Decca Records in 1957. Met Buddy DeFranco around 1959, together formed The Buddy DeFranco-Tommy Gumina Quartet, recording five albums between 1960 and 1964, one for Decca and four for Mercury. The quartet appear with Sue Raney in February 1963 on “The Navy Swings” radio show....

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