Lenny Hambro

Leonard William Hambro (1923-1995), known as Lenny Hambro —and occasionally referred to as “Lennie” in the press as late as 1957— was an alto saxophonist, flutist and clarinet player native and resident of New York City for the most part of his life. His favorite record was Ellington’s “Warm Valley”, mainly because of the work of Johnny Hodges. At seventeen he joined Gene Krupa’s band, and stayed with him until he was drafted in 1943, rejoining again after he was discharged, but not before he put in almost a year with the bands of Billy Butterfield and Bobby Byrne, and some Schillinger studies.

In 1951, after a stint with Pupi Campos’ Latin band, he joined Ray McKinley, doubling on all the reeds, and adding road managership to his many talents. Since the band was working out of New York, between 1951-1955, Lennie had the chance to record with many groups (Earl Williams, Chico...

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