Guillem Arnedo Band & Celeste Alías

There is so much to love about this recording. It is distinctive in its simplicity. Every element of the music is shared and never forced. The rhythm is light and buoyant without needing to be aggressive, and the sound of the band is spacious. Everyone has room to add to the story but each player has the confidence and maturity to avoid getting in the way of the melody.  

The arrangements are simple and give rise to honest emotion, letting the songs speak for themselves. Ironically, this dedication to the lyrics and composition allows each musician’s individuality to shine brightly, like light refracted through a prism.

The Great American Songbook, like Bach, Mozart, and Stravinsky, doesn’t have to be modernized. But this band is not an imitation of a historic sound. These are honest musicians playing timeless classics that are very much of the moment. Celeste, Jorge, Dee  Jay, and...

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