Mara Rosenbloom

Mara Rosenbloom is a pianist, composer, and bandleader. Originally from Madison, Wisconsin, she now makes her home in Brooklyn. Drawn to New York’s diversity, intensity, and constant buzz of sound, Mara moved to New York City to study in 2004. By 2009, she emerged onto the scene as a strong leader, presenting “sparkling compositions, both lyrically contemplative and rhythmically pulsating," with her own Quartet hailed as a group that “renders believable a future for jazz" (All About Jazz, NYC).

Through monthly performances with The Mara Rosenbloom Quartet, over a stretch of years, Rosenbloom has established herself as an undeniable & respected part of the New York jazz scene. Working with a strong core of improvisers of like vision – a commitment to honesty & heart – Rosenbloom’s music has gained recognition from press, listeners, and academics alike. The Baltimore City Paper has...

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Mara Rosenbloom Albums

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