The J.F.K. Quintet

The JFK Quintet was a notable group of young musicians who played in Washington D.C. in the early 60s working regularly at the Bohemian Caverns Club. Their style was a crossbreed between the New Thing and postbop that retained the inherent swing of jazz, while at the same time the group was compulsively forward-facing and avant garde orientated.

The bands prime figures were trumpeter Ray Codrington and altoist Andy White, both of whom also composed most of the tunes. The trumpet-alto front line blends well in the crisp, frequently boppish ensembles, despite the fact that their soloing styles are quite different. Reminiscent of Freddie Hubbard, Codrington blows cleanly and articulately, with a clear, biting tone and an incisive, creative conception. White was a flowing and assured soloist, with a harsh, wailing attack that shows a considerable Eric Dolphy influence. It made for a...

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The J.F.K. Quintet Albums

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