Patti Bown

Patti Bown (July 26, 1931) was one of a pair of sisters who diligently studied classical piano as young girls in his hometown, Seattle. The word "young" is meant in its fully glory; as legend has it, she played piano in the governor's mansion at the age of two. Her sister launched a career as a classical keyboardist and wound up marrying composer Gerald Valentine, while Patti Bown decided to play jazz in order to help create the sort of music that gets played endlessly in tiny Japanese bars, among other places. That comment is made in particular reference to the pile of Gene Ammons sides this pianist appears on, large enough to arouse the curiosity of a customs agent if packed in luggage and certainly strain a few muscles in the process.

Occupying a similarly hefty place in her discography are her collaborations with arranger, composer, and bandleader Quincy Jones. This relationship...

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