Sandole Brothers

Operating solely on an artistic basis, The Brothers Sandole band was not a commercial venture, but a band decidedly different, daring and experimental.

Dennis and Adolph Sandole were music teachers in Philadelphia, who actually wanted to keep teaching but felt that their music was completely original, and so harmonically different in scope that it deserved to be heard on its own merits. The dense, full character of its original figures gave the unit a distinct big band sound, and all the improvisation fits into a well-written pattern.

Four of the ten scores presented in his debut album were by Dennis, two of them so concise they are over in a matter of seconds; the rest are by Adolph. All compositions by the Sandole brothers are actually cleverly planned pictures, and flaw lessly performed. You'll find the entire album to be a rewarding experience, but unfortunately, it was the only...

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