Pat Moran

"I first met Pat Moran in NY, when at that time I had a young female pianist (Terry Pollard) who wasn’t called at that time as the cliché went good for a girl she was better than most of the male piano players. Pat was younger than Terry and when I first heard her she had not played with the great musicians those days but I knew that she had the makings of another great pianist that once again the cliche good for a girl didn’t pertain to Pat.

About 10 years later I was playing in Chicago and the rhythm section I was playing with wasn’t making me have fun playing and by mutual agreement they all left. I still had about 12 weeks left on this tour. Out of nowhere I went into some club and Pat was playing a one night Gig. This was a different pianist that I heard 10 years ago. Pat had matured into becoming a very good jazz player. She has everything I was looking for that I usually have...

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