Alain Pérez

The young Cuban musician who is writing a new chapter in the history of his countrys music history learned the lessons of his native lands deep-rooted cultural traditions at an early age listening to his grandfather sing tonadas and guarachas while he relaxed in a hammock. Today, 29-year old Alain Pérez is forging a new direction in modern Cuban jazz, building on the contributions of several generations of world class artists who preceded him and putting his distinctive stamp on a sound that sound that has seduced millions around the globe since the 1920s. With the release of En El Aire for the Barcelona-based Ayva Musica label, Pérezs multiple talents are on full display and are dazzling fans from Cuba to Spain and beyond. Whether playing electric bass, keyboard or percussion, singing, or contributing compositions and arrangements, Pérezs combination of natural abilities and... Read more

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